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Errol Morris Taking on Fiction Again


Errol Morris is to take on his second non-documentary project with an Untitled Cryonics Project, based on the memoir by Robert F Nelson and a This American Life story called ‘You’re as Cold as Ice’. The screenplay is being penned by Zach Helm, the man behind the Will Ferrell-starring, Charlie Kaufman-lite Stranger than Fiction.

Morris directed another non-doc project in 1991 called The Dark Wind, which is apparently something of an unsuccessful part of his illustrious career. Outside of that he has won an Academy Award for his work on Fog of War, the astounding interview documentary about Robert McNamara, and has been consistently acclaimed in the past for other works like Gates of Heaven and the infamous Thin Blue Line, a film which managed to overturn a wrongful conviction through its investigations of a small-town murder.

This new work follows the story of a television repairman who joins a pack of folks under the belief that they can cheat death through utilising cryonics. /Film notes you can listen to the episode of This American Life detailing Nelson’s story here.

Alternatives to the EW Twenty-Five Directors


Entertainment Weekly recently posted a list of the top twenty-five active film directors. These lists will forever cause disagreement and controversy but some of the inclusions, and subsequent exclusions, on this list are pretty unforgivable. Even if you don’t find it too irratating, as a film fan and blogger I feel it only necessary to present some arguments both against the inclusion of some and against the exclusion of others while I would also like to take some time to argue for the inclusion of a few that I think may brook argument elsewhere.

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