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Kidman Runs Away from Woody Allen


Nicole Kidman has departed from her role starring in the next, presently untitled, Woody Allen project.

She was due to star alongside Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts and Freida Pinto with shooting reportedly due to commence in the summer in Allen’s most frequent new city muse, London.

Variety says nothing has yet been said as to who will replace Kidman in the role.

It seems like an interesting move for an actress who seems to be struggling somewhat to maintain any kind of box-office power. Australia was a complete flop and, prior to this, she was in the debacle that is The Golden Compass, the mean-spirited and somewhat irratating Margot at the Wedding and the truly terrible The Invasion.

Allen, on the other hand, seems in upward swing. Vicky Cristina Barcelona was his most universally liked work since Sweet and Lowdown and Whatever Works, starring Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood, looks an even stronger creation.

I suppose we’ll see if Kidman can manage to find something to suit her talents in the future, rather than continuing this stream of dreck.

Conan Drops Ratner, Gets McTeigue…

Conan Comic

A few days back, Empire Magazine found out that Brett Ratner was no longer to direct the remake of Conan, news which likely would have filled the hearts of many a Conan fan in the known world.

Now, as if to turn the knife a little further in, CHUD has reported that James McTeigue, the director of the truly abominable V for Vendetta and the man who shoved Oliver Hischbirgel (The Experiment and Downfall) out the way on The Invasion, has apparently been tapped to take on the adapation in place of the Rat.

McTeigue, for those blissfully unfamiliar, is a protege of the Wachowski brothers and worked as the first AD to the brothers on The Matrix (genius) and the two sequels (oh dear).

The source quoted by Devin Faraci on CHUD claims this move could see the budget of the film cut quite heavily owing to the disappearance of the oddly bankable Ratner.

He notes the budget for McTeigue’s next film, Ninja Assassin, is around $50 million while the budget on V for Vendetta was $54 million. This contrasts to Ratner’s budget of $120 million or so to do Conan, a number which does seem ridiculously high anyway.

I cannot imagine a way in which this could be a good thing but, having watched the original Conan movies in the past few months, can attest that they don’t quite live up to the nostalgia they seem to have nurture.

Even so, after getting rid of superhack Ratner, I would have hoped for a smarter move than bringing in a Wachowski acolyte who managed to make an Alan Moore adaptation worse than From Hell.