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Tetro Trailer

The trailer has turned up for Tetro, the ambitious and long-held passion project from Francis Ford Coppola about an artistically-inclined, troubled Italian-American family. It follows one brother in his journey to find another and revive his career as a playwright after he has squandered his seemingly immense talent. The brother on the search finds an unfinished play by his troubled sibling which may hold the key to reviving their relationship and bond as brothers.

Coppola passion projects are many and varied and the last one we got, Youth Without Youth, was a failed if interesting work which will likely go down as another curio in his career rather than in any way approaching the quality of his work in the 1970s. This certainly has potential and has Coppola again working on a small budget and with uncompromising actors, most notably with the highly strung, if sometimes genius, Vincent Gallo.

It looks interesting and filled with emotion and you can check it out below.