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Singer for Prisoner

Bryan Singer has a number of possible projects in the works, but his most likely next is apparently looking like The Prisoner, a story following a father whose daughter is kidnapped and who, presumably, will then go on to seek her out and bring her home in a Taken-like fashion.

Singer is an adept thriller director so I can see this being somewhat entertaining. But doesn’t it seem a little like his currency has dropped a bit since those heady X-Men and Superman days? Nonetheless, the guy is talented and I’m sure Wahlberg can channel some serious Chuck Bronson and get the job done.


US Box Office: 13 March


So Race to Witch Mountain has outrun Watchmen to the finish post this week with the Rock-starring Disney reimagining putting up a pretty average $25m opening. Watchmen took a hair over $18m to finish in second, boosting its total to over $83m thus far, still a little disappointing for such a super-hyped, uber-promoted blockbuster, no matter the length or difficulty. The glossed-up remake of exploitation horror ‘classic’ Last House on the Left took only $14m with the only other new release, the awful-looking Miss March, wheezing to a $2m opening, not aided by dire reviews.

Other notables include another $6m for the Liam Neeson sleeper Taken and just over $5m for Slumdog Millionaire. Both of those are now looking at totals by the close of around $140/150m domestic.

Full table here.