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Pegg Talks Star Trek, Ice Age 3 and Tintin


Simon Pegg, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, has been chatting about Star Trek and his upcoming role as Buck in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Our lovable little potato head said he has seen Star Trek in its finished form, which him playing Scotty, and walked out of the cinema afterwards “like a wreck”. Pegg adds that “it was amazing”.

He goes on to talk about the third Ice Age instalment, to come out over the Fourth of July weekend, explaining:

“[Buck] is the only mammal in this prehistoric world. He had an altercation with this dinosaur he calls Rudy, in which [Buck] lost an eye, but took a tooth. So they have this Ahab/Moby Dick thing going on. He has perfectly lost his mind, because he’s been down there for so long. It’s always fun to play a loony”

Along with all that, Pegg has also revealed a little about the Spielberg-helmed 3D motion-capture fest The Adventures of Tintin, shot alongside his long-time collaborative partner Nick Frost. Also in additon, Pegg will star alongside Frost in Paul, the Greg Mottola directed comedy about “two British comic-book geeks having a little holiday road trip in America”.

A very busy summer for Mr Pegg indeed, although it’s only Paul that I can see breaking him into the minds of the US super audience. For some reason though, I get a feeling that Pegg will always be a peculiarly British acting star.

Plus, a small piece at the end of the article sees Pegg say he is hoping to team up with Frost and Shaun/Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright for The World’s End, the final part of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, by the close of the year.