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MOD Summer Round-Up #1 (April to June)

Being in the UK, deciding what actually constitutes summer in our increasingly muddled weather environment is pretty darn difficult. Should we start with May? Well, if summer is the period of the year in which things were sunny and bright and lovely, then May, June and July are all out for us UK folks. Our summer never really arrived, overshadowed as it was by the constant humidity and rain. Instead of going with weather calculations, our summer will start in May, or the end of April to be precise, when the blockbuster season kicked-off in multiplexes, and plexes, across the land. Begin post-jump… Continue reading →

Round-Up: Baron Cohen For Eurovision

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sasha Baron Cohen’s next project will, according to The Sun, be another mockumentary about character trying to enter the Eurovision song contest. I would love to see him walk away from that style as Borat and Bruno were too hit-and-miss for my tastes. Isn’t this well dry?

Terminator Salvation/Avatar duffer Sam Worthington is in talks to star in The Tourist, alongside Charlize Theron.

Hugh Jackman is going to star in The Greatest Showman on Earth, a biopic of PT Barnum.

Carla Gugino is to reteam with Watchmen director Zack Snyder on his Sucker Punch.

Arterton talks Clash of the Titans


Bond girl Gemma Arterton has reportedly signed on to star in Clash of the Titans, the coming Greek epic directed by Transporter helmer Louis Letterier. She’s joined up to star alongside Sam Worthington. She talked about her part in the film during an interview with Empire which I won’t quote as she throws out a minor spoiler for the story.

I will however quote on how this version will differ from the original, which is not to say that Letterier will have someone deflect a bazooka rocket with a dinner try, although…

Arterton says:

“The script is very different. Obviously the story is the story, but it’s much more about Perseus’ mission, and how he deals with being the son of Zeus, and things like that, so it feels a little more about him, and about the issues around that.”

It sounds fine, although epics of this sort often fall flat outside of the hands of a truly talented director and cast. This could be a real acid test to see if Letterier deserves to take his place among the big boys.