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Chris’ Most Anticipated Films of 2010

The Movie Overdose’s newest, and essentially lone writer Chris Inman outlines his most anticipated movies of the coming year. Listen to Sam, Tom and John’s choices on Episode Number 48.

The Rum Diary

Why the buzz? : Johnny Depp has been a little disappointing of late, starring in major films where he seems to play a caricature of himself, so a return to a more intimate character-driven role will hopefully see a return to form. His performance in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas shows that he is able to ply his trade in supposed ‘unfilmable’ Hunter S Thompson adaptations. Giovanni Ribisi and Aaron Eckhart also star in this story of a freelance journalist writing for a paper in the Caribbean who develops a fixation for rum and a businessman’s fiancée.

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Bettany Taking on Priest


Paul Bettany has been signed up for Priest, being directed by Scott Stewart, and an adaptation of the manga series written by Hyung Min-woo. It follows Ivan Isaacs, a warrior priest who leaves the church to go and save his niece from a group of vampires.

The casting apparently comes around following Bettany’s work on Legion, also directed by Stewart, on the recommendation of ScreenGems president Clint Culpepper, according to Cinematical.

I would like to see Bettany take on some more roles as he is quite a talented fellow and well worth the bet. Stewart is making his debut with Legion following a career working in visual effects on some impressive projects, most notably recently on Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.