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DiCaprio for Button Man


Leonardo DiCaprio has been signed up to star in an adaptation of the 2000AD comic book series Button Man as Harry Exton, a former mercenary competing in a violent underground sport.

DiCaprio is the midst of a great deal of comic book news speculation at present following his production company picking up the manga franchises Ninja Scroll and Akira while he has been mentioned as a contender to play Steve Rogers in The First Avenger: Captain America.

It will be interesting to see him take on something like this following the past few years of starring in crime thrillers and sterling, Oscar-worthy dramas.

Despite his place as the present muse of Martin Scorsese, it seems his star has yet to rise to the kind of level appropriate for an ever-improving star and one, lest we forget, who starred in the biggest-grossing movie of all time. Unfortunately for everyone, he’ll probably always be defined by the big boat movie.

Maybe though, his work in getting involved in so many interesting comic book projects will provide him with space to switch his public perception and throw him back on the super A-list.

UPDATE: Leo is allegedly not attached to the Button Man project. Watch this space.