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Chris’ Top Five Movies of 2009

Give a big welcome to Chris Inman, our brand new writer on the site. Better known to many as Spanky Patterson, Chris is a long-time listener of the podcast and has now moved on to become the first writer (outside of Sam) to join the site.

As a way of introduction, to allow you all to get to know him a little bit, here’s his five favourite movies of 2009, in ascending order, with his favourites of the decade to come in the next few days.

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Round Up


Brian Grazer will produce Merman, a new script which sounds suspiciously like a gender switched version of Splash, also produced by Grazer.

MOD favourite Justin Long has been tapped to star in the Nanette Burstein-directed romantic comedy, Going the Distance.

Brett Ratner says there are no comics left for him to adapt, people rejoice.