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Hathaway to Play Judy Garland


Recent Oscar nominee and erstwhile multi-disciplined player Anne Hathaway has reportedly signed on to play Judy Garland in two adaptations of her life story. The actual story will, fairly obviously, be the same, but Hathaway will play Garland on both stage and screen in the respective adaptations of Gerald Clarke’s biography Get Happy: The Judy Garland Story.

Cinematical reports that the book was compiled from hundreds of interviews conducted by Clarke and work done previously for Garland’s unfinished autobiography. This could provide an interesting filmic adaptation as autobiographies tend to lean to the side of either self-aggrandisement or at least a perception that the person has of themselves outside of their famed personas. This will probably be tempered by Clarke’s input but it could still provide an unseen insight into how Garland viewed herself.

Given the untimely and sad demise of Garland, Hathaway will get her second chance in not too long to play a woman addicted to substances and painfully thin, two attributes of Hathaway’s character in Rachel Getting Married which secured that Oscar nod. She definitely has a similar look to Garland also, not to mention her own place as a child star working to make it in the adult world, which she has had some real success in doing, and her aforementioned multi-disciplined string of attributes, notably her singing.

There were some suggestions when the news was announced that this is a major play by Hathaway to get herself an Oscar, perhaps feeling somewhat stung after the foregone conclusion win for Kate Winslet at the last awards. Whether that’s the case or not, this is a real chance for Hathaway to show off some acting chops and, if it really is the case, we all know by now that the Academy loves a good biopic performance, especially those in which troubled icons of the arts world are being portrayed.