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Sam’s Top Ten of the Year

You can listen to us discussing these films at length on the podcast on the show, but please do check out the list below for perpetuity. Sam’s list is annotated and included below, Tom’s is not annotated and its right here. This just means you will have to check out the podcast to hear Tom’s viewpoints. So check out Sam’s choices after the jump, along with a few choice thoughts and honourable mentions. Enjoy!

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MOD Summer Round-Up #1 (April to June)

Being in the UK, deciding what actually constitutes summer in our increasingly muddled weather environment is pretty darn difficult. Should we start with May? Well, if summer is the period of the year in which things were sunny and bright and lovely, then May, June and July are all out for us UK folks. Our summer never really arrived, overshadowed as it was by the constant humidity and rain. Instead of going with weather calculations, our summer will start in May, or the end of April to be precise, when the blockbuster season kicked-off in multiplexes, and plexes, across the land. Begin post-jump… Continue reading →

Star Trek Reviews from Surprise Premiere Positive


The surprise premiere of the new Star Trek movie in Austin, Texas has set the internet abuzz with Cinematical rounding up some of the opinions thus far entered on the picture.

Quint from Aint it Cool News said he felt Abrams had “pulled it off”, noting that the film “isn’t just a successful reboot, but a genuinely fun and exciting science fiction action adventure”.

Neil Miller on Film School Rejects is less direct in his praise for the film, but notes that although the “commitment to character and story” from the original is not quite adhered to…

“… I can assure you that when you get that first gorgeous shot of the USS Enterprise or you are thrust into the midst of a wild space battle, you won’t mind one bit.”

Miller’s cohort Cole Abaius is similarly in love with the film, concluding his review with the following statement:

“Overall, it’s an exciting flick that is shot beautifully – featuring a cast that carries all the weight necessarily to create some enduring figures to root for. A near-perfect Summer tentpole blockbuster.”

Also weighing in was Twitch’s Rodney Perkins who called the film “a very entertaining and reverential take on the Star Trek mythos”. He goes on to state that ‘JJ Abrams’ new work is as good as (and arguably better than) most of the Star Trek movies that preceded it”.

So it seems the fans love the new Star Trek, although we may need to wait a little while for people to watch outside of the influence of adrenaline and excitement to get fully balanced reviews. On the basis of this however, and I would trust Miller especially on a general basis, Star Trek is sounding better by the minute.

Keaton and Goldblum for Morning Glory


Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum have signed up for Morning Glory, a JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk-produced project which follows the travails of an aspiring news producer working to reconcile the differences of her anchors and save a morning show.

The lead is to be Rachel McAdams with Harrison Ford continuing his leap back into the acting world as one of the duelling anchors, alongside Keaton.

It’s being directed by Roger Michell, the man behind Shakespeare in Love along with the very good Enduring Love and the even better, Peter O’Toole-starring, Venus.

For me, it sounds somewhat interesting as it could potentially have some of the witty charm of the classic Broadcast News. Of course, that might just be hoping too high but I can’t envisage right now that this film could possibly be that bad.

Who Will Be The Green Lantern?


I don’t know too much about the Green Lantern as a character, but I know that the casting rumours at present are giving me no confidence or interest in jumping onto another comic book franchise.

The most recent name thrown out has been Chris Pine, the man about the burst onto the map by playing a young Kirk in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. This has been disputed but his name being bandied around does indicate a desire from the studio to cast someone young and spunky in the role. Elizabeth Rappe on Splash Page notes the screenplay calls for someone at 27 years old, something neither Chris Pine or Anton Yelchin can pull off. Rappe has also listed a few possible other candidates for the role, including David Boreanez.

Her others are much stronger however. Jon Hamm would be significantly older but I would argue this is an actor that changing that age, which doesn’t seem to be integral the the story, would be a worthwhile move for. Nathan Fillion would be even better, bringing a titanic-level of charm to the role, slightly similar to Downey Jr in Iron Man, and a man who has already played superhero and regular heroes in the past. Then she notes Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett, both veteran of Battlestar Galactica and both deserving of a chance to jump into the quality action movie world.

I am definitely going to need to see a decent lead actor in the role to even remotely peak some interest in the project. I will have nothing more on this with Pine or Yelchin as I honestly can’t see either of them saving anyone or being super-powered.