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Rob Marshall to Direct Pirates 4?

Jack Sparrow 2

Obviously, I haven’t seen Nine yet, but I can’t imagine it would help in generating any excitement for Rob Marshall being touted as helmer of the Pirates of the Caribbean series’ fourth instalment.

Having said that, the news of this brings to mind the fact that Gore Verbinski, overseer of the decreasingly good series for the first few goes around, was hardly coming into the series with much on his belt. The Ring remake is, in all fairness, probably the best of the Asian horror remakes we’ve had hoisted upon us but he did a mighty good job with the first two Pirates films.

Marshall hasn’t impressed me yet, although he certainly has an assured technical hand. Movies like Pirates though don’t enormously rely on that for their entertainment value. An assured technical hand will just act as part of a cog in a much bigger machine which is managing the effects and action. Where the film may falter under Marshall’s control is in the moments between characters and in the storytelling.

Memoirs of a Geisha was never a project for him, or even ripe for a film adaptation, but Chicago showed this exact split in his talents; good at the staging, bad at the characters. What this film will need is a decent script to be good. Although, all that written, the fact is it only really needs Depp, Bloom and Knightley along with some huge sea battles and monsters and, like the other, a healthy ten figures should roll in.