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Sam’s Most Anticipated Films of 2010

Not ranked, but just sixteen movies I picked out for my enthusiasm to be aimed at this year. Just a note the following have been excluded for a variety of reasons: Kick Ass/Shutter Island (both coming out pretty soon), The Tree of Life (was on last year’s list and may still not come out this year), Inception/Toy Story 3 (too big to need my advocacy) and Scott Pilgrim vs The World (purely because Tommy was always going to choose it). Also, remember to check out Chris’ list here.

So, here are the sixteen I’ve chosen, in alphabetical order, after the jump:

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Chris’ Most Anticipated Films of 2010

The Movie Overdose’s newest, and essentially lone writer Chris Inman outlines his most anticipated movies of the coming year. Listen to Sam, Tom and John’s choices on Episode Number 48.

The Rum Diary

Why the buzz? : Johnny Depp has been a little disappointing of late, starring in major films where he seems to play a caricature of himself, so a return to a more intimate character-driven role will hopefully see a return to form. His performance in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas shows that he is able to ply his trade in supposed ‘unfilmable’ Hunter S Thompson adaptations. Giovanni Ribisi and Aaron Eckhart also star in this story of a freelance journalist writing for a paper in the Caribbean who develops a fixation for rum and a businessman’s fiancée.

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Bellucci Joins Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci has joined the likes of Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the story of a young man with job noted in the title who is left to look after a magic workshop when his master leaves him in charge. The apprentice, being played by Baruchel, will have a broom do the majority of his chores until this cushy arrangement is broken when the broom takes on a life of its own.

The Sorcerer will be played by Nicolas Cage, fresh of a run that no one would ever envy in the terrible likes of Knowing, Bangkok Dangerous and Ghost Rider. Adaptation a few years back showed he could be good still but he seems entirely determined to prove that film wrong. He does have the curious Bad Lieutenant reimagining with Werner Herzog to come though, and I’ve have high hopes for a truly ridiculous performance from him in that one.

Bellucci is to play his love interest in the film, a role which will surely require her to act to the fullest of her ability as Cage does his thing in scenes with her.

The story itself is reportedly based on a section of Fantasia, the surreal Disney musical from 1940, and the elements of that film which concerned Mickey Mouse. The film is due to come out next year on the same weekend as Christopher Nolan’s Inception, surely a chance for people to measure up the relative box-office draws of Nolan and Cage.

Theories on Inception


Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Inception has been shrouded in relative mystery since being announced. We’ve had some casting news with Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cottillard and Leonardo DiCaprio taking roles, but thus far the only hint we’ve had on the story is that it is a sci-fi action movie set within the ‘architecture of the mind’.

Well, the inquiring souls over at /Film have decided to try and work out some potential ideas as to how this may end up taking shape. They cite some theorising by reader Gregory W who suggests it could be based on The Architecture of the Mind by Peter Carruthers. To explain:


The book defends “massive modularity”, a theory that many cognitive scientists and some philosophers now accept. The theory is that the human mind is modular. The book, claims the architecture or overall structure of the mind plays a key role in explanations of “virtually every fundamental feature of human existence–from our capacity for science and creativity, to practical reasoning and morality.”

Any other theories are more than welcome but this theorising adds an air of astounding strangeness to proceedings and, while not even remotely true, whets the appetite for further people smarter than I to theorise on what is going through the mind of Nolan.

New Recruits for Nolan’s Inception


More recruits have been brought aboard for Christopher Nolan’s Inception, his follow-up to that movie about a man in a rubber suit and a clown.

Leonardo DiCaprio had already committed to star in the film, described thus far only as a science fiction action work set in the “architecture of the mind”. Now, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard and Cillian Murphy have all signed up to join Leo on the project.

The article on the news from Cinematical reports that DiCaprio is to play a “CEO-type” with Cotillard as his wife and Page a grad student and sidekick character.

I cannot at the moment gain a grasp on what kind of film this will be but, as I have been saying since Memento, In Nolan We Trust.