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MOD Summer Round-Up #2 (July to September)

Sunshine Cleaning Poster

So, in the wake of Transformers revenging the fallen all over our minds, we were in need of cooling down from the sheer anger and exhaustion felt in the studio. Though Sunshine Cleaning should have been a great example of an indie to bring us back onto home turf, it ended up an underwhelming experience. The eminently crushworthy pairing of Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, along with the solid Alan Arkin and roles for Steve Zahn and Clifton Collins Jr, just couldn’t quite drive us into anything beyond a tepid lack of satisfaction. Ideas involved were strong, but the execution was half-hearted, even if all of the above tried really hard to elevate the material. Continue reading →

The Movie Overdose #34 – Adventureland and 500 Days of Summer

The return of the Cooper! Jon Cooper comes back to the podcast to have a chat about Adventureland. Tom and Sam have a think about (500) Days of Summer and the gents all think about the YouTube rental model. They go on to reminisce about Hackers, praise Fish Tank to the hills and have a good ol’ natter about Supernatural. The conclusion sees Tom depart and Producer John step in to talk about music in movies.

Download The Movie Overdose Episode 34

Show notes coming in later post.

Comedy Heavies Added to Paul Cast

Seth Rogen

Comedy-tastic. Honestly, this is truly comedy-tastic news.

Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and the great Jane Lynch have all joined the cast of Paul, the upcoming sci-fi road trip comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The Spaced pair wrote and will star in the film about two sci-fi nerds who embark on a road trip and encounter an alien, called Paul, who has escaped from Area 51.

The alien is to be voice by Rogen, fresh from his excellent voice-acting work in Monsters vs Aliens, with Superbad and Adventureland director Greg Mottola helming the project.

I’m a huge Pegg-Frost fan, so much so that their upcoming appearance in Spielberg’s Tin Tin film has got me excited for that project, long a ‘meh’ for me. Their work together in Spaced is of modern British comedy legend and while Hot Fuzz isn’t as consistent as one might hope, Shaun of the Dead is a bona fide slice of zom-com mastery.

This, with all of those other added, is now sounding like a saliva-worthy project.

US Box Office: Fast, Furious and Flippin’ Successful


Um. Yeah. So, apparently Paul Walker + Vin Diesel + Jordana Brewster + Michelle Rodriguez = box-office gold. Fast & Furious, the unlikely four instalment of the diminishing series, racked up a quite ridiculous $72m over its opening weekend. That’s more than Monsters vs Aliens, more than Watchmen. Cinematical notes further this is higher than the entire domestic gross of the third film, Tokyo Drift, by $10m. It is, indeed, the biggest opening weekend achieved since The Dark Knight.

Monsters vs Aliens dropped by 44 per cent in its second weekend with $33.5m, taking its cumulative gross in ten days to over $100m. It will be interesting to see how well Fast & Furious does on its second weekend.

The Haunting in Connecticut held on to third with $9.6m followed by Knowing and I Love You, Man. Adventureland failed to capitalise on any box-office capital held by Greg Mottola, and strong reviews, making only $6m over its opening weekend.

Pegg Talks Star Trek, Ice Age 3 and Tintin


Simon Pegg, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, has been chatting about Star Trek and his upcoming role as Buck in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Our lovable little potato head said he has seen Star Trek in its finished form, which him playing Scotty, and walked out of the cinema afterwards “like a wreck”. Pegg adds that “it was amazing”.

He goes on to talk about the third Ice Age instalment, to come out over the Fourth of July weekend, explaining:

“[Buck] is the only mammal in this prehistoric world. He had an altercation with this dinosaur he calls Rudy, in which [Buck] lost an eye, but took a tooth. So they have this Ahab/Moby Dick thing going on. He has perfectly lost his mind, because he’s been down there for so long. It’s always fun to play a loony”

Along with all that, Pegg has also revealed a little about the Spielberg-helmed 3D motion-capture fest The Adventures of Tintin, shot alongside his long-time collaborative partner Nick Frost. Also in additon, Pegg will star alongside Frost in Paul, the Greg Mottola directed comedy about “two British comic-book geeks having a little holiday road trip in America”.

A very busy summer for Mr Pegg indeed, although it’s only Paul that I can see breaking him into the minds of the US super audience. For some reason though, I get a feeling that Pegg will always be a peculiarly British acting star.

Plus, a small piece at the end of the article sees Pegg say he is hoping to team up with Frost and Shaun/Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright for The World’s End, the final part of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, by the close of the year.