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Gondry Gabbing About Green Hornet


Impish auteur Michel Gondry has been talking to all and sundry about his involvement in the much-anticipated, Seth Rogen-headed adaptation of The Green Hornet.

Gondry said to Total Film that he was surprised that Rogen was even listening to many of his ideas given his current box-office clout compared to the former Freak and Geeker. He said the trust put in him by Rogen is “quite amazing”, adding: “I mean, look at my numbers on IMDb, and my average is $10 million and his average is $90 million a movie, so I’m glad he’s paying any attention to what I’m suggesting.”

He goes on in the interview to say that this could well have something to do with the fight scene he made for his audition tape to try and get the job. He describes the seen as being “not elaborate”, explaining that he changed the camera speed at “different spots in the image at different times”. Going further, Gondry illuminates:

“The camera speeds up and slows down but at different times for different characters’ images. So one will go fast and the other will go slow — and then they’ll meet. It’s as if they’re in different dimensions, but when they touch each other, they come into the same dimension”.

Deeper than this is a short interview with Sci-Fi Wire in which he explains his entire directing style. He says he takes the comments from critics of his work which hurt him – “Generally if I was upset about a comment, it was because there was some truth in the comment,” he says – and compiles them into a notebook to help him improve as a director.

He goes on to explain his ethos in approaching the Green Hornet project:

“I’ll try to portray a human quality I see in real life and I appreciate through the medium. That’s my job, to not use the film to camouflage moments of a person’s personality, but to reveal that personality, and I think this is a very clear and broad statement, maybe something to do with feeling good or this type of direction, so I don’t see why this should not be easy for people to appreciate.”

As usual, his comments seem encouraging for his plans on the project, indicating a desire not to fall into the traps of so many indie film directors entering into the Hollywood machine and losing their personality in the process.

There seems to be a desire on the side of both Gondry and, importantly, Rogen to make something outside of the standardised formula now prevalent in comic book hero movies. More and more, this is becoming a very anticipated project in my book.

In addition to the above, /Film notes other interviews with Gondry on ComingSoon.net, AICN and VH1.

Photo from Flickr user tomsaiyuk