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Early Reports on Fantastic Mr Fox

mrfox-794001Picture from here

The guys over at /Film have found two reports from folks about test screenings for The Fantastic Mr Fox, the next, animated movie coming from Wes Anderson. Both are pretty universally positive, despite the fact the film is not yet finished with dialogue missing and some of the animatics not yet completed.

The first awards the film 9/10, praising the balance of adult and child humour and the pacing of the overall work.

The second is somewhat more in depth but comes out with much the same conclusions, praising the voice work, the look of the stop-motion and general praise for the work done by Anderson in adapting such a beloved text.

I’m pretty excited to see Anderson really jump outside his comfort zone and try to make a visually exciting film. He already has a set visual style, but much of it is cribbed from Hal Ashby movies and there is little in the way of challenging directorial decisions made. This could well change all that and, hopefully, will renew faith in Anderson for those stung by the weak Darjeeling Limited.