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Statham in Mechanic Remake


Jason Statham, in a further bid for b-movie ubiquity and greatness, has been signed to take on the role originally played by Charles Bronson in a remake of The Mechanic.

The story follows a hitman who finds himself in the position of training one of the sons of his victims.

The film will be directed by Simon West and is being produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff.

Statham could do with a really decent action movie following a couple of missteps, in my opinion, with Death Race, Crank 2 and the awful Transporter 3.

I love the dude, I get behind the career he is carving out for himself, but I am going to need some stronger projects to continue that support.

This at least sounds interesting, although I haven’t seen the original, and could provide a chance for some very good action moments and, possibly for some actual acting from the Stath.

Zefron Age Swaps to the Top


17 Again has managed to top the US box office over the weekend, racking up a total of $24m as Zac Efron carried his HSM box-office power over into the adult world.

It’s opening is small but it still managed to trounce the next closest film, the Russell Crowe-Ben Affleck thriller State of Play. That only managed $14m despite relatively decent reviews.

Monsters vs Aliens remained resilient in third place, taking $12.9m and pumping its total gross to $162m. That contrasted to the relative lack of resilience from last week’s number one, Hannah Montana: The Movie, which dropped off 60 per cent to take $12.6m, and Fast & Furious dropping of further to $12.2m.

Crank: High Voltage must be considered a disappointment, given the absolute genius of the first film, taking only $6.5m to take up sixth place.