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News Round-Up

Odeon/UCI back down in Alice in Wonderland dispute

The news that Odeon had refused to show Alice in Wonderland was discussed earlier this week, dependent on your viewpoint the good/bad newsis that the cinema chain announce today that they now WILL be showing the Tim Burton remake after an agreement was struck between the two parties. Full story here.

Cooper chooses another hangover over war

Bradley Cooper has pulled out of This Means War, a rom-com directed by McG and also featuring Reese Witherspoon. Initial reports suggest that Cooper pulled out because of scheduling conflicts between this and The Hangover 2, not because the plot of This Means War sounds pants.

New Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

Looks pretty pointless and in parts looks like a shot for shot remake. Also features the most ridiculous villain voice since The Punisher.

A shortlist for Paranormal Activity 2 directors is announced….

…. and there is one definite surprise in Brian De Palma. While I would be interested to see what the Scarface director would come up with, my inclination is with Brad Anderson, the director of two fantastic films Session 9 and The Machinist (possibly Christian Bale’s best performance). Full shortlist here.

Marlon Wayans on playing Richard Pryor

This is something I am completely on board with. While he was in the Scary Movie series, White Chicks and Little Man, it’s easy to forget he was also fantastic in Requiem for a dream. I had him down on my list for  “Actors We Could Make Great” and I think this could be the film to do it. In this article with the LA Times, Marlon defends some undefendable films, talks about getting the role ahead of Eddie Murphy and discusses why Pryor deserves a film about him. Note: White Chicks and Little Man grossed $215 million in total and a White Chicks 2 is on the way.

Zach Galifianakis is a miracle worker!

He must be, he carried everyone in The Hangover! Galifianakis is set to star in a supernatural buddy comedy (might sound like a made up subgenre, but check out the fantastic The Revenant when it finally manages to get released – makes Shaun of The Dead seem as funny as Epic Movie). Will be good to see ZaGa (it may catch on if I use it enough) shake his comedy muscles and no doubt I will be completely onboard by the time a director is announced.

The Movie Overdose #33 – Show Notes

News Items

Check out the discussions of spoilers on the /Filmcast and on the IFC News Podcast.

The A-Team casting news about Quinton Jackson. And the respective castings of Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper. If you can, check out Joe Carnahan’s amazing debut, Narc.

Not mentioned on the show, but here’s the link to Dan Ackroyd’s Crystal Head vodka brand.

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Round Up: Twitter TV Series

Twitter Logo

It seems as though the present dominance of Twitter in popular culture will reach a possible breaking point with a TV series being devised which is based on the micro-blogging platform.

Disney is to remake Flight of the Navigator, which sounds pointless.

Quentin Tarantino is to tweak his cut of Inglourious Basterds following its lukewarm reception in Cannes.

Twitch as two very brief and oddly unsettling teasers for Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void.

The Guardian believes Brit-horror flick Tormented has something worth saying about bullying.

The Between Two Ferns interview by Zach Galifianakis with Bradley Cooper is very funny indeed.

Bradley Cooper to Play Green Lantern?

Regent Beverly Wilshire

According to Drew McWeeny at HitFix, along with sources he has accessed, Bradley Cooper is looking likely to win the role as the Green Lantern in the Martin Campbell-directed adaptation of the comics.

Cooper, whose The Hangover is about to come out, has not yet been cast but, McWeeny says, the “process is far enough along that this is more than just a meeting or some spot on a wish list”.

Cooper is probably most famous at this point for playing the play-away husband of Jennifer Connelly in the self-help semi-comedy curio He’s Just Not That Into You which made a pretty startling amount of money earlier this year. He also had a long-running role as Will Tippin in Alias and starred in the okay restaurant comedy series Kitchen Confidential, adapted from the Anthony Bordain book.

The Hangover, in which he stars alongside The Office’s Ed Helms and genius comedian Zach Galifanakis, is likely to overtake He Just Not… in people’s minds however so his casting may make a bit more sense in a couple of weeks time.

Overall, it seems a pretty decent choice. We commented on this a couple of months back and cited a few possibles for the role of Green Lantern, none of which were Cooper, but this doesn’t seem like a bad choice. He’s okay in He’s Just Not… and has both the physique and charm for a superhero character. Watch this space for more info on how this one will break down.