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Three Stooges Casting News


The casting rumours are beginning to heat up for the Three Stooges movie from the Farrelly Brothers with some interesting choices being touted for the trio.

Top of the pile is Sean Penn who looks likely to be tapped to take on the role of Larry. Negotiations are reportedly also in motion to get Jim Carrey for Curly and Benicio Del Toro for Moe.

Penn is apparently pretty much set and Carrey, who would need to put on around 40 pounds to manage to look something akin to Curly, is understood to be embarking on the necessary diet to do so. Going on the story, Del Toro is not quite set.

The casting adds a huge degree of intrigue to the project, especially the potential additions of both Penn and Del Toro, known primarily for serious, indeed in many cases very serious indeed, projects. The two in fact collaborated to work on 21 Grams together. The Variety article notes Penn last did a comedy in 1989 with We’re No Angels, while Del Toro is said to have exhibited comic touches with his work in Snatch.

Carrey obviously has a storied past with the Farrelly brothers, aiding the launch of their career through his performance in Dumb and Dumber, and possibly harming it forever with the execreble My, Myself and Irene.

Being from the other side of the pond, this is somewhat less exciting news to me than many who will read it, however this casting cannot be described as anything less than intruiging. Add to this the success shown by Robert Downey Jr in turning to straight comedy with Tropic Thunder and you have a recipe for success.