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Avatar: Only $200m

Time Magazine has, for some near-inexplicable reason, decided to correct one of the key points to have come from its article on James Cameron’s Avatar, saying that it has misquoted the amount the movie is costing. Time attempted to mend the situation thus: ‘The original version of this story misstated the cost of the film Avatar as being in excess of $300 million. The correct figure is in excess of $200 million.’ Fox apparently wasn’t too impressed with this alleged mistake and, after complaints from Cameron’s rep, the aforenoted was released by Time.

Really odd move. Even if it does cost in excess of $300m, and it surely will when advertising and various other beyond-deadline excesses are taken into account, why would that matter. It has created a huge buzz online about this potentially being a visual experience near beyond the comprehension of the average viewer and now, although it doesn’t make a huge deal of difference, they’ve taken away one of those tiny details which fans will latch onto in the buzz-centric blogosphere. Just seems like a very odd correction to go making. Maybe the word of the Time writer, Josh Quittner, about the footage he saw will be enough, but this just seems like Fox meddling one of very few positive stories they’ve had out for some time. Talk about hoisting your own petard.

You can read the original article here.