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US Box-Office: Museum Wins War Against Terminator

Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian

So, it seems these Terminators from the future and all that aren’t quite as tough as they would have you believe. Indeed, Terminator Salvation was taught a pretty tough lesson over the weekend as Ben Stiller and friends trounced McG’s franchise effort.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian essentially managed to get all the kids and families into its hollow web of fun to rack up $53.5m over the weekend, an unbelievable result when considering it was up against Terminator Salvation.

The Christian Bale-starring, McG-helmed fourth instalment took $43m, meaning Night at the Museum topped it by $10m, enough in 1984 to make the original Terminator and have significant change. That’s a meaningless fact but, still, that’s quite a big defeat for Terminator given its $200m budget and very high business expectations.

Star Trek managed to stay close to top spot with $21.9m, just pipping Angels & Demons in fourth with $21.4m. They were followed up in fifth by Dance Flick, the horrible-looking Wayans-run spoof, which made a horrifying $11.1m.

The top ten is rounded out by X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Obsessed, Monsters vs Aliens and 17 Again.

Angels & Demons Angering Vatican


The Vatican is reportedly considering a boycott of Ron Howard’s second Dan Brown adaptation, Angels & Demons. The film, the sequel to the Da Vinci Code, which itself drew scorn from the Catholic church, is coming up in the next few months and the Vatican’s official newspaper has said the church ‘cannot approve’ of the movie.

In addition to this, daily newspaper La Stampa said the Vatican may well call for a boycott of the film, although is did quote another official from the church who said it was aware of causing a ‘boomerang effect’ where a criticism from the church will inadvertantly promote the film. A similar thing could well be attributed to the success of the Da Vinci Code book and movie, both which benefited from being controversial in the eyes of Catholic religious figures.

They may well be right, but I can’t see it stopping the commercial success of the film, especially given that the book of Angels & Demons was also a blockbuster. The built-in audience is already there and any more anger from the church will just promote the film which causes no offence to me outside of the fact that it could be as shitty as the Da Vinci Code. Maybe they could call for a boycott of the film on the grounds that Dan Brown is a horrible writer and the film will almost certainly suck.