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Last Film Review: Knowing

So we’re working to build some relationships around the UK film internet and our newest buddies are Last Film. You can check out reviews of the big movies each week, which we will post on our site and probably reference during the podcast. Most weeks, this will give you guys a good chance to compare and contrast our views with those of other film blogosphere types. First up then, Last Film’s review of Nicolas Cage’s Knowing.



Nicolas Cage is either tired of the action films or he is now a believer. A film about the end of the world with a bit of Sci Fi is always enough to get my foot into the dark room. Knowing doesn’t uncover the “end of the world” plot until late in the film. This film is about whether all events are preordained.

Read the rest of the review here.

Round Up


Activist investor Carl Icahn has revealed details of the offer he launched this week to purchase debt of around $325m in studio Lionsgate. He has said he will not push for a sale of the company if his offer, of between 73 and 75 cents in the dollar, is accepted.

Judi Krant’s Made in China, her debut feature, has won the narrative feature jury competition prize at the SXSW Film Festival. That Evening Sun, directed by Scott Teems, won the audience award. Here’s an interview with Krant and one with Teems.

Neil Gaiman gave a terrific interview on The Colbert Report, which you can watch here.

Ray Stephenson says the Rome movie is going ahead.

Alex  Proyas is currently in the process of guest-blogging for /Film and his most recent post concerns the plane crash scene in Knowing.