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Moss, Byrne, Diddy to Greek


Further names have been recruited to star alongside Jonah Hill and Russell Brand in Get Him to the Greek, the spin-off from Forgetting Sarah Marshall following Aldous Snow, the rock star played by Brand in the aforementioned.

Joining are Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, Damages’ Rose Byrne and Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power’s Sean ‘P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Diddy’ Combs. Intriguing group of folks there but, I can assure you, Sean Combs’ Twitter indicates he is not too far from insane and, also, utterly hilarious.

Moss hasn’t really got much of a comedy background but she’s fantastic in Mad Men while Byrne, while awful in Knowing, is pretty good in Damages so both should be decent additions.

The screenplay has been written, unlike the Jason Segel-penned Sarah Marshall, by Marshall director Nicholas Stoller, who will also helm.

Whether this movie is a good idea remains in the air as spin-offs for peripheral characters in comedy movies often end up with said character outstaying their welcome. Hopefully Brand, who I love but can undoubtedly be something of a tit on certain days, can give enough levels to the character to prevent caricature and annoyance sinking in.

Round Up: Blunt for Sarah Marshall Spin-Off


MOD favourite Emily Blunt is reportedly signed on to star alongside Russell Brand in the Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off, Get Him to the Greek. UPDATE: Apparently, this is not true.

The Italian trailer for Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s Game has turned up. The two are the duo that brought the cinematic poetry dubbed Crank.

A host of stand-up comedy features are to come to theatres in the US in the coming year.

Limp Bizkit front-man Fred Durst is to direct Psycho Killer, a movie written by Se7en scribe Andrew Kevin Walker.