The Movie Overdose is a weekly discussion of movies, movie news, trailers and other equally inconsequential things.

The show is presented by Sam Unsted and Tom Green. You can see their pictures on the first page but can guess which is which. Unless you know them. In which case, use process of elimination or prior knowledge.

It works like this: Each week Tom and Sam will talk about a movie. This will either be a new film or something from The Projects. The latter is a selection of marathons selected equally by Tom and Sam focused on a particular theme. These will be covered when Tom, Sam or both really don’t care about seeing anything new that’s out.

Sam is a writer and lifelong movie fan. You can follow him on Twitter and you will be able to follow some writings on the website.

Tom is also a cinephile with particular expertise in Asian cinema. You can follow him on Twitter too.

Email Tom and Sam with any feedback or other queries at movieoverdose@gmail.com.

3 responses

  1. Hey guys! love the site. I started a review site of my own called The Joyce Review and would love to be blogrolled on your page here. I will surely be back to this one, as you’ve got a splendid page as well. Good luck my friends. -Michael Joyce

  2. You think you should go to the cinema *at least* twice a week?? Throughout the year? There just aren’t enough films released that are worth seeing!

    1. Well this includes going to see some older films, though at the moment I am pretty solidly failing in this aim. I am going more often, and I’m probably about on track on average, but I need to start going much more often to really meet the requirements.

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