Antichrist Picked Up by IFC


IFC has picked up US distribution rights to Antichrist, Lars von Trier’s tilt at horror movie immortality and easily the most talked-about film from this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Antichrist, in short, follows the story of a couple, hit hard by the death of their child, who retreat to a cabin in the woods in which a great deal of trippy/disturbing occurences befall them.

The film has been a divider at the festival, drawing completely differing viewpoints critics, primarily shocked rather than negative, and even prompted the hyperbole-addicted Jeff Wells to proclaim this a “career embarrassment” for all involved.

Whether it is or not, this kind of film will generate publicity and curiosity. People, myself included, will be anxious to understand the kind of divisive choices Von Trier, a consciously-provocative filmmakers in even his calmest moments, has made to elicit such intense opinion from those to have seen the movie.

Additionally, IFC picked up the rights for Looking for Eric, the new film from Ken Loach starring the genius, the King, Eric Cantona.


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