Jonathan Glazer to get Under the Skin

Michel Faber Under the Skin

Jonathan Glazer, the talented filmmaker behind the superb Sexy Beast and the very underrated Birth, is to make his return with an adaptation of Michel Faber’s Under the Skin (read the first chapter here).

The book concerns itself with aliens who kidnap hitchhikers in Scotland and then process them to be used as gourmet food on their own planets.

/Film points out pretty accurately that the book is a pretty heavy-handed satire of the meat products industry.

It does though lend itself to having someone like Glazer on board, a director who has a great ability to utilise visuals in strengthening the story he is telling. If you need further proof of his ability check out the music videos for Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit’ and Massive Attack’s ‘Karmacoma’. You can also check out the best of his advertising work here.

I would like to see more from Glazer, whose first two films have shown great promise and who seems to have struggled to get back on the horse after the strange reaction given to Birth.

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