Who Will Play Captain America?


The casting buzz for Captain America has been particularly out of the ordinary in comparison to his Marvel peers.

The most notable name being bandied around for the role was that of Will Smith, coming after a comment made last year by Derek Luke. Marvel and Smith both denied the suggestion that he was being looked at but now it’s come up again.

Channing Tatum, during an interview with MTV News on Monday, expressed his own interest in the project, but only if Smith passed.

Tatum said he had only “heard rumours” that Smith was being considered for the part but it does seem interesting that he is still be thought of. It’s not bad casting, Smith is undoubtedly among the definitive American stars of his day and definitely has the action chops to pull it off.

However, Tatum could well be a decent choice. He’s been a decent presence in a series of okay movies, including really good performances in A Guide to Recognising Your Saints and Stop-Loss, both imperfect films with good actors carrying it through.

He’s been searching for a big film to really launch him into households and, given GI Joe doesn’t look the film to do it, nor Fighting, so this may be a good fit.


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