Jackman to Enter Ghostopolis


Hugh Jackman, currently enjoying box-office success with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, has signed up to star in and produce Ghostopolis, an upcoming graphic novel by Doug TenNapel which the author has set up with Disney. Jackman’s Seed Productions and the Gotham Group will take production duties on the film.

According to the report on The Hollywood Reporter, the story goes:

“A man who works for the government’s Supernatural Immigration Task Force. His job is to send ghosts who have escaped into our world back to Ghostopolis. When a living boy accidentally is sent to the other side, the agent must team with a female ghost (and former flame) to bring him back.”

HR says no director or writer have yet been attached to the project, so it’s probably some way off yet.

TenNapel is apparently something of a graphic novel superplayer-in-waiting in Hollywood with his Tommysaurus Rex, Creature Tech and Monster Zoo all set up at studios.

Not much on the project at present but it sounds like relatively reasonable action fun, if done right. Hopefully, at bare minimum, Jackman could have a shave to take on a government job.

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