Megan Fox for The Crossing


Megan Fox has apparently signed on to star in The Crossing, a thriller written by Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi about a couple returning from a vacation in Mexico when their car is hijacked and the husband kidnapped. The wife, played by Fox, then has to smuggle heroin across the border to try and spring him from this conundrum.

This is part of a stream of new projects Fox has signed up to in the past few months, the expected wave which was forecast by all and sundry following her exploding onto the scene with Transformers.

I’ve been a little harsh with her in the past, owing mostly to her pretty awful performance in Transformers and her mere presence in the execreble Two and a Half Men. But I’m learning to be a little more open minded and I’m going to give little Meggy a change to redeem herself. Whether this movie will do it, impossible to know. But good luck to the young lady.


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