Keaton and Goldblum for Morning Glory


Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum have signed up for Morning Glory, a JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk-produced project which follows the travails of an aspiring news producer working to reconcile the differences of her anchors and save a morning show.

The lead is to be Rachel McAdams with Harrison Ford continuing his leap back into the acting world as one of the duelling anchors, alongside Keaton.

It’s being directed by Roger Michell, the man behind Shakespeare in Love along with the very good Enduring Love and the even better, Peter O’Toole-starring, Venus.

For me, it sounds somewhat interesting as it could potentially have some of the witty charm of the classic Broadcast News. Of course, that might just be hoping too high but I can’t envisage right now that this film could possibly be that bad.


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