Theories on Inception


Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Inception has been shrouded in relative mystery since being announced. We’ve had some casting news with Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cottillard and Leonardo DiCaprio taking roles, but thus far the only hint we’ve had on the story is that it is a sci-fi action movie set within the ‘architecture of the mind’.

Well, the inquiring souls over at /Film have decided to try and work out some potential ideas as to how this may end up taking shape. They cite some theorising by reader Gregory W who suggests it could be based on The Architecture of the Mind by Peter Carruthers. To explain:


The book defends “massive modularity”, a theory that many cognitive scientists and some philosophers now accept. The theory is that the human mind is modular. The book, claims the architecture or overall structure of the mind plays a key role in explanations of “virtually every fundamental feature of human existence–from our capacity for science and creativity, to practical reasoning and morality.”

Any other theories are more than welcome but this theorising adds an air of astounding strangeness to proceedings and, while not even remotely true, whets the appetite for further people smarter than I to theorise on what is going through the mind of Nolan.

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