The Hobbit Trilogy?


Reports have emerged through a fan site (courtesy of Cinematical) that Guillermo Del Toro’s already epic two-part adaptation of The Hobbit could be expanding into trilogy form. The reports suggest the only issue behind his becoming a reality are the contracts held by Del Toro and Peter Jackson, as both would need extending and, subsequently, would impact on future scheduling.

I’m absolutely a massive fan of Del Toro, so anything which indicates he will be making more films is entirely welcome to me. But it worries me a little that so much of his precious time will be taken up making yet more Tolkien-related projects.

Personally, I’m a much bigger fan of The Hobbit than the original books, so this film generally gives me a significantly larger amount of excitement that those original three did. But he has so many projects left to do yet. Among them, and most exciting to me, would be 3993, the final part of his Spanish trilogy alongside Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth.

I realise what a brilliant filmmaker he is, but the majority of his truly incredible work has been Spanish language, topped off by his masterwork in Pan’s Labyrinth. The Hobbit is very likely to change that, but I would really like to see him take on his own worlds again.


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