Marvel Hiring Writers

Captain America

Marvel is working to rebuild the bullpen environment of writers and has gone out to market to try and tap as many quality scribes as possible to shape its franchise future.

The idea seems to be to build a team of writers up through a programme, give them some space at the studio and then unleash them into the world of 20-hour days, filled with character creation and production line script writing.

The story in Variety indicates that it will include those currently on the Marvel comics stable, which begs questions as to why they don’t just seek the aid of the quality writers doing work there already. Why not bring in Warren Ellis to pen some Iron Man, Ed Brubaker to do his Death of Captain America ark?

At least there is some strong emphasis being placed on the quality of the storytelling and writing in the scripts of Marvel movies, coming at a time when the vast majority of comic book movies are much more concerned with wildy attractive women and ludicrously overdone action scenes.


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