Joel Surnow Making Kennedy Mini-Series


Joel Surnow, the co-creator of 24, is to pen a 10-episode mini-series on the Kennedy dynasty. The company behind the project, Muse Entertainment, has yet to broker a deal with a cable network to air the drama but is in talks.

Based on Surnow’s views on the world and his involvement in conservative political circles, this is likely to cause some controversy on the left side of the spectrum and will probably not give a rose-tinted view of the late former President and his sprawling family.

According to a press release cited by Variety, the story will explore the ‘soiled and crooked steps’ taken by the family to secure a seat in the White House. So, fair and balanced then?

Surnow, incidentally, served as an executive producer on Fox News’ The 1/2 Hour News Hour, the terrible attempt to produce a right-wing version of The Daily Show.

I’m not precious about the Kennedy family, nor about my somewhat left political views, but this screams controversy-stirring foolishness and, let’s be honest, compulsively watchable television, much like 24.

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