Cruise and Diaz for Mangold Rom-Com


About 5-10 years ago, this news would have elicited hoots of ovation from audiences around the world and dominated the entertainment press. Now, you just sit and imagine what on earth this will turn out as.

James Mangold, erstwhile director on Walk the Line, 3.10 to Yuma and the perrenially underrated Copland, is attached to direct a romantic comedy which has gone under the names of Wichita and Trouble Man.

Title issues aside, it is apparently being developed as a possible pairing vehicle for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Seriously, turn of the century, this would have been huge news.

The two have teamed together before in the okay Vanilla Sky, playing lovers and latterly troubled lovers, and exhibited some chemistry. Just might be nice to see Cruise try and charm and audience again, surely a much bigger challenge for him nowadays than even killing Hitler.


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