Proyas Dismisses Crow Sequel


Alex Proyas, still working the circuit in support of his box-office-topping Nic Cage vehicle Knowing, has commented on the rumours which circulated in December of a possible remake of The Crow, his 1994 cult classic, primarily notorious for its being the place of death for star Brandon Lee.

Proyas, during an interview with Digital Spy, described the “whole notion” of a remake of The Crow as “ridiculous”, adding he would “have nothing to do with it” as he hasn’t with any of the other franchise adaptations to have emerged in the past.

Proyas went on to say that it was “other people involved with that” and that he would never “even dream of remaking the movie”. He added to that it was “Brandon’s movie”, attributing this as the reason he finished the project following Lee’s untimely death.

The Crow had been rumoured to be the subject of a remake from Stephen Norrington, the Blade director who burned out his career after the disastrous League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Proyas was much less closed however to a possible remake of his 1998 cult hit Dark City. He conceded that the film had not done great box-office on release but his passion was reignited after doing the recent director’s cut.

He states: “There have been discussions recently about maybe doing a sequel. Having done the Director’s Cut recently and gone back into that world, I really love that place. I wouldn’t mind going back there.”

A Crow sequel is thankfully a no go then but I don’t know that I would want a Dark City sequel either. The world that is set in seems somewhat finite, so the only way to revisit would surely be a prequel. When those sort of logistical difficulties arise, I always think it’s best to just walk away and not attempt to fix that not-broke something.


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