Greengrass Green Zone Not Good?


Slashfilm received a fan review of the new film from Paul Greengrass entitled Green Zone, an adaptation of the Rajiv Chandrasekaran non-fiction book Imperial Life in the Emerald City, a reporter’s account of his time in the Green Zone in Baghdad. The film, starring Matt Damon, had been a high hoper for Hollywood in breaking the commercial and somewhat critical problems plaguing movies about Iraq.

But the reviewer, a one ‘Sauce’, had a few choice thoughts on the picture:

Some were hoping that due to his handling of sensitive material in United 93, he would be able to make a film about Iraq that wasn’t biased or slanted. Greengrass had even stated that his hope would be that people could see an action film that was set in Iraq without politics getting in the way. Sadly that is not the case. Time and again the political opinions and melodramatic speeches override the story and muddy the film’s goals…

This was an early screening, Greengrass was even there, but the response was not good. It only got a weak round of applause and most people did not seem to be enjoying themselves during the film or after.

It’s disappointing but let’s hope Greengrass can retool or that ‘Sauce’ just ain’t the authority he could well be.


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