Phillip Morris: Too Gay for Cinemas?


I Love You, Phillip Morris, the gay love story starring Ewan MacGregor and Jim Carrey, has thus far failed to pick up a distributor and, according to The Times, may end up going straight to DVD in the US.

Devin Faraci over at CHUD said the movie does have explicit gay sex scenes, noting one in which Carrey cums into another man, but notes that it is both relatively expensive for an indie (around $13m) and gained some, if not slavering, praise when it played at Sundance.

Jim Carrey certainly isn’t the box-office draw he once was and MacGregor is an acting name that, while famous, isn’t really an opener. But these two should really be enough to get a film into cinemas, and the $13m would be easily made back if the marketing was smart enough and the company behind them pushed it with the requisite level of gusto.

In short, the movie seemingly isn’t crap, meaning placing it on the shelf with the stars it has must have other reasons behind it. It is only speculation at the moment, but should this happen, it would be a huge step back for Hollywood and its ability to drive home messages of equality inherent in the films it promotes. Wouldn’t it be interesting, given the heightened rhetoric around race and corporate ethics in the current climate, if the US had elected a gay president in 2008 and California had come out in force againsts Prop 8. I wonder if this film would struggle in an environment like that.


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