Wanted Poster Banned


The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the TV ad for the DVD release of Wanted, the James McAvoy-Angelina Jolie comic book movie, over accusations that it glorifies violence. The ASA said the advert gave the impression that ‘using guns was sexy and glamorous’.

The question is, why ban the trailer for the DVD? The movie has already been out at cinemas, why not try and ban the trailers? I don’t enormously disagree with their statements, especially having seen the movie which does indeed glorify its violence and sexual content in an entirely ludicrous way, but that just makes it a bad film, not a dangerous one. It brings up debates once more over the influence movies can have over impressionable minds. The only impressions I can see lasting from Wanted is one of lust for Angelina Jolie and annoyance that you paid money for the DVD.


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