Hardwicke Taking On Bird People


Catherine Hardwicke, the director so unceremoniously dumped from the Twilight series after directing the first installment, is to return by taking on an adaptation of Maximum Ride, the comics book series by James Patterson.

The series follow six teenagers that undergo a genetic experiment after which they become half-bird/half-human. They then escape from the laboratory which has performed such experiments on them and are pursued by another genetically mutated clan, this time the half-wolf/half-human pack called the Erasers.

So, Hardwicke moves from sparkling vampires to bird-people? Quite an interesting career path. I’ve not seen the comics but this does not sound particularly conducive to a screen adaptation without accidentally recalling Howard the Duck.

One response

  1. The books are actually pretty good! Well I haven’t read the comic versions (and didn’t even know they existed!), but the original novels are fairly badass. Though judging by that bizarre plot description, I’m guessing the comic storyline is drastically different from the original Patterson books and I’ll go out on a limb to say this will be shit.


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