Eastwood Meets Eastwood for Mandela Pic


Clint Eastwood has cast his son in his biopic of a portion of the life of Nelson Mandela, tentatively titled The Human Factor (based on facts gleaned by our friends at Cinema Spy from the IMDb). It’s not clear who he will play but the story follows Mandela’s support of the South African rugby team at the 1995 Rugby World Cup, a move which broke down the traditional barriers and stereotypes surrounding rugby in the country, primarily prevalent during apartheid, to unite the country behind its (ultimately successful) team. It’s based on the book, pictured above, by John Carlin called Playing the Enemy.

Morgan Freeman is playing Mandela with Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar. The younger Eastwood has joined his father’s films in the past, taking on roles in the likes of Gran Torino and Flags of our Father, both under the name Scott Reeves. 

I spoke about the film itself in past posts so I won’t rehash too much, but it was included in blog post from the LA Times for movies to watch out for next Oscar season. Oh, the politics of the Oscars, folks. The films aren’t made yet and already, they’re favourites.

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