Rival Ginsberg Projects Gets Cast


Strange how these things come in twos, isn’t it? Biopics of legendary authors in certain parts of their lives that is. As James Franco continues filming Howl, playing beat poet Allen Ginsberg, so another project has come about which will focus on Ginsberg and contemporaries, William S Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, during their youth together in New York. The project, titled Kill Your Darlings, will star Jesse Eisenberg as Ginsberg with Chris Evans also signed on.

The story however is less biopic than period piece, on the basis of this Variety article. Ben Whishaw will star in the play as Lucien Carr, the Columbia University students credited with introducing the aforementioned geniuses, and his part in the killing of David Kammerer, purportedly over an unwanted sexual advance from the former.

The linked-to article above from Cinema Blend notes that the story carries some interesting undertones, notably the accusations of institutional homophobia intoned by the sentence given to Carr, which could prove interesting to Hollywood in the post-Milk period and, in what I have predicted in the past, will be a time for movies to get interested in social issues once more without getting preachy and Oscar-baity, the new 70s in lazy shorthand. Anyway, both sound good and I look forward to more information on the projects.


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