Remake of The Bodyguard?


Reports are suggesting that Rihanna is in talks to star in a remake of The Bodyguard, the 1993 Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner piccy that spawned the hideous, inescapable wedding perennial cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney. Rhianna would apparently star opposite beefcake plank Channing Tatum in the remake.

Given the recent Chris Brown-Rihanna stories, this seems like a particularly uncomfortable choice for her for making the leap onto the silver screen (noted here by Cinematical), but perhaps she sees the potential for lightening to strike twice and for her to spend another age at the top of the charts with whatever is chosen as the spin-off tune for the film.

UPDATE: A rep for Rihanna has said she is not in talks to star in in a Bodyguard remake.


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