David Chase back at HBO


David Chase, the man behind The Sopranos, has returned home to HBO to helm a new mini-series which will chronicle the very early days of Hollywood. A Ribbon of Dreams (the title taken from a quote by Orson Welles) will follow a cowboy and a mechanical engineer who form a producing partnership and become pioneers of the burgeoning film industry in 1913. Chase is writing the series and will direct the first few episodes while being joined on the project by Paramount’s Brad Grey, an executive producer on The Sopranos and now exec on this project also.

It’s a major move for Chase who has been near silent since the highly controversial fade-to-black ending of The Sopranos. The film itself will blend fantasy and reality as the characters first work with the likes of DW Griffith (he of Birth of a Nation and Intolerance) and go onwards to end up working with marquee golden age names like John Ford and Raoul Walsh. The story will take the progression of Hollywood right up to present day and really seems like it should be both fund and taylor-made to win a bunch of Emmys and Globes when the times comes around. It also sounds like a wild departure from the genre television of The Sopranos onto a grander, significantly less violent canvas.


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