The brilliant Taking of Pelham 123

I just quickly want to add a voice to the greatness that is the original The Taking of Pelham 123, this year to be remade in glossed-up, crank-cam fashion by Tony Scott with a quirky Denzel and a sweaty John Travolta, following this lovely piece from Devin Faraci on CHUD singing the praises of this outstanding thriller. The original is filled with personality, verve and wit, both in dialogue and general execution and contains a great leading performance from Walter Matthau, ably assisted by Robert Shaw and Hector Elizondo.

It’s not forgotten but it doesn’t get the right amount of love and therefore, little as it will do, I would like to place a solid recommendation on this for those looking for a well-constructed, hugely fun 70s thriller.

Original Trailer for The Taking of Pelham 123


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